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Finding a New Tenant

1. Writing the advert
2. Talking to advert respondents
3. Showing people round
4. Choosing the best tenant

1. Writing the advert

  • When placing an advert it is useful to be reasonably precise, for example if it's a non-smoking house then DO mention that otherwise if a smoker turns up then you have missed your target audience.
  • As well as being precise it is good to be concise. Keep it simple, mention all the requirements about the person and also the most important elements of the room or house. For example: "LARGE SPACIOUS double bedroom in shared house. Suitable for non-smoking professional. £270pcm excluding bills. Deposit is £150."

2. Talking to advert respondents

  • Clarify any details on the phone, and answer all their questions.
  • When talking on the phone you will also get a feeling if you are potentially compatible. From experience it is often best to go with your gut feeling, although throwing some common sense in is good too!
  • If the phonecall goes ok, and the extra details you clarify suit the other persons needs, then arrange a time for them to view the property. It is often best to keep notes, note down the time and date of the viewing and obviously the persons telephone number in case you have to let them know that the room has been taken or the time has to be rescheduled etc.
  • Notes are also useful to jog your memory on each person that comes round, so after seeing 10-15 people, you and your housemates have something to refer back to later.
  • Before showing people round, it is often a good idea to give the house a good clean and tidy, to give a good impression. Also it goes without saying to be polite, and if you want them to move in be reasonably friendly. But above all else be yourself, as you need to give them a picture of who they are moving in with. By all means show your best side, but don't be something you're not.

3. Showing people round

  • When showing people round it is best to make sure all the housemates meet the person being shown round, as presumably you all share the task of choosing the new tenant.
  • Remember you are going to be living with this person so it is ok to ask some questions about their likes and dislikes, but don't be too intrusive at the same time. It sounds odd but questions like "what music do you like?" can break the ice and you can start getting a feel for each others likes, dislikes and personalities.
  • It is best to show a few people round so that you have a selection of people to choose from.

4. Choosing the best tenant

  • If a group of you are making the selection, remember that you ALL have to live with the new person. It is unlikely that you will all 100% agree on who will make the best housemate, so you will all need to make some compromises. Also the notes that you have made should come in handy, for example notes like:

    Cheryl - About 25 years old, very chatty, seemed quite friendly, but mentioned she was broke!
    Robert - quiet and didn't say much, but seemed very keen on the room.
    David - Seemed sound, mentioned that he is a DJ.
  • Notes like this can really help you. It is sometimes useful when choosing to give them a mark out of say 5. This will help you get down to a shortlist of 2-3 people. From there you can make a more detailed decision.

The points above are all guidelines. There is no perfect way of choosing a new tenant / housemate and everyone will have their own methods.

We hope some of the above has helped however. If you have any further suggestions which you think would be useful to others, then please contact us.

Good Luck on the finding the perfect housemate / tenant, We hope you find what you are looking for,

London Renting

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